Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Darren Coyle blocking Johnny Morrison of Kilmallie
Captain Kenny Ross being presented with the Balliemore Cup by Douglas Macintosh
Ian Mackenzie and John Maclennan starting to celebrate winning the Balliemore for a second time.

Monday, May 08, 2006

2004 Division Three Champions

back row l-r, Alan Stewart, Andrew Slaughter, Ian Bartlett, Mark Sproule, David Maccuish, Daniel Mackay, Alan Mackay, Davie Mackenzie, Calum Morrison, John Martin Phillips, Ross Brown, Chris Mackenzie and Fraser Mackenzie (player/manager).
front row l-r, Kenny Murray, Neil Campbell, Mike Macmillan, David Cameron, Aaron Matheson (Captain), Fergus Hendry and Calum Finlayson.

Lochcarron 2006

back row l-r, Bob Munro (trainer), Crisdean Finlayson, Mark Sproule, Graham MacRae, Mike Macmillan, Lewis Patience, Alan Mackenzie (assistant manager) and Aaron Matheson.
front row l-r, Fraser Mackenzie (player/manager), Ian Mackenzie, David Cameron, John Martin Phillips, Darren Coyle, Kenny Ross and Angus Mackay.

Lochcarron Shinty Club: Balliemore win over Kyles

Lochcarron Shinty Club: Balliemore win over Kyles

back row l-r, Kenny Ross, Ian Mackenzie, Alistair Mackenzie, Davie Mackenzie, Angus Mackay, Alan Mackay, Neil Campbell, Lewis Patience, Gregor Cushnie, Fraser Mackenzie, Ross Brown, Bob Munro and Alan Mackenzie.
front row l-r, Darren Coyle, Andrew Slaughter, John Martin Phillips, Chris Mackenzie, John Maclennan and Peter Mackenzie

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Balliemore cup win

Balliemore Cup win over Skye
back row l-r, Alistair Mackenzie, Ian Mackenzie, Andrew Slaughter, John Maclannan, Chris Coyle, Alan Mackenzie, Lewis Patience, Darren Coyle, Davie Mackenzie, Gregor Cushnie and Bob Munro.
front row l-r, Calum Morrison, Chris Mackenzie, Peter Mackenzie, Kenny Ross, Angus Mackay, Fraser Mackenzie and David Cameron.

Lochcarron squad 2005

Lochcarron Camanachd 2005
back row l-r, Bob Munro (trainer), Mark Sproule, John Maclannan, Gregor Cushnie, Alan Mackinnon, John Martin Phillips, Ian Mackenzie, Michael Cooper, Andrew Mackenzie and George Hendry (President)
Helen Stewart (Doctor), Kenny Ross, Fraser Mackenzie (Player/Manager), Angus Mackay (Captain), Peter Mackenzie, Darren Coyle and Chris Coyle.